Big School. At what Age? Wait for the right time.

Hi parents,
#latepost A very Happy New Year to you all.

You know. My new year started with a beautiful surprise. After a BIG New Year Bash in Goa, my family and I returned home late night. Next day on an early chilly morning we saw a furry, golden and white cat roaming in my house as if she is staying with us for years. We offered her milk and thought that she will go away, but no.. She was still lingering.. After an hour or so we found four cute little newly born kittens in my open terrace on a soft blanket under a chair. I think, they must be of a day or two. After seeing them, the family had diverse reactions. My son’s happiness knew no bounds, and we somehow managed to convince other family members to accommodate these kittens in our house till they grow.

The news spread like fire amongst our neighbors and relatives. The cat and kittens started appearing on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, instagram etc.

One evening, our neighbor Archit who is eight year old, came to see the cat and kittens. After some time he said, “Can I take them home today?” I instantly replied, “No dear, Wait for few more days. This is not the right time to take the kitten away.”

I always believe that there is always a right time for everything.

The Healthy Baby takes 9 months to come in this world. In case of premature birth, extra care has to be taken as the baby is not fully prepared to come in the world.

The child between ages 2 to 6 goes to a Preschool nearby. Brain development happens during this period and continues till age 7 at the most.In Preschool, the teacher and child has wonderful rapport. The parents can interact very often with the teacher and understand the child’s progress. This helps them for effective parenting and above all, the preschool prepares your child for school years. This place should be like a second home for the child, as the child who is 3 or 4 is still not ready for Big School and needs lot of personal attention for reaching developmental milestones.

I see so many parents taking hasty decisions to admit their child in Big Schools at age 3 and 4. I know there are various reasons for the same.

• Big schools don’t guarantee admission in standard 1st. I agree to this, but there are so many schools who have sufficient seats for admission at 1st standard.

• There are so many parents who wish to give big exposure to their child. (Honestly, child doesn’t need this exposure at this age)
• Many parents take this decision because of unnecessary unrest created by other

parents, big schools and their marketing strategies.It creates panic and people from same community, company, building, friend’s groupetc.take hasty decision which may not be beneficial for the end user i:e the child, as there is change in place, pattern of study, environment and most importantly curriculum.

Choosing a school can be a tough decision for parents in the current times, but for child it’s a giant leap. Many children, at this tender age are still not physically, mentally and socially ready and feel lost in this big formal education system. I am stating this based on interactions with few parents

who shifted their child to a Big School and want to admit them back in cozy Preschool that will result in bringing out the best in their child.

Therefore, my dear parents, don’t take hasty decision. There is right time for everything. Your child anyways will be studying in Big School for 10 years of his life. But remember, please wait for the right time for this transition and let this transition be smooth to be effective.

After giving sufficient explanation, even Archit agreed to take the kittens’ home to play only after they grow up. I was happy to see that he realized the importance of staying in happy and cozy atmosphere that will result in effective nurturing of kittens. Same applies to Tiny Tots.

Happy parenting…

By Sonia Govardhan