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  1. Awarded Top 5 Preschool in Pune: With the deep humbleness, we give this credit to our parents, teachers & entire support staff of The Beamish International Preschool for being awarded as Top 5 Preschools in Pune. Being the best preschool in Pune or being the best international preschool in PCMC in just two years of inception is a great thing, as the award gives us a pat on our back for the work we do, at the same time, we are aware that it also is our responsibility which keeps encouraging us for better & better work.
  2. Indo – Western Culture: India is the only country in the world with diverse cultures, we are proud to say we are a “Unity in Diversity”, This USP spectrum of The Beamish International Preschool is creating the Unity through our diversified culture, where we celebrate all the Indian & International festivals where we give them exposure to all the celebrations that happen in India & across the globe.
  3. Shiksha with Sanskar : This is the core of our Indian tradition, due to globalization we are forgetting our Indian roots, This USP spectrum of The Beamish International Preschool is connecting those dots which the nuclear generations are forgetting like YOGA, Suryanamaskar, Indian Traditional Games – (Lagori, Gilli Danda, making fort at the time of Diwali etc), Shlokas, Sanskrit prayers & many more such activities at the very early age.
  4. Nourishing curiosity: Children are curious by nature. They wonder about everything in and around their environment. Children learn better when their natural intelligence is harnessed by creating curiosity in their learning process. We believe that children have a great abilty to think and interpret things in a better way than adults. So the facilitators at The Beamish International Pre-School do not provide children with readymade answers but develop the questioning ability of the child by asking open ended questions to him/her.
  5. An environment is the THIRD Teacher: The first teacher of the child is the mother, the second the school teacher and third the environment. Environment creates a huge impact on the child and his learnings are positively and negatively affected by the environment in which he is growing up. Children not only learn from the natural environment and the resources that we get from nature but also from the social environment he is growing up in. Providing the right set of environment is very important for the all round development of the child.
  6. Shantiniketan Corner : Dr. Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy of studying amidst nature is regularly followed at The Beamish International Pre-School on every Friday when the teachers dramatize a new story every week. Children connect with nature by these practices. We make sure children sing rhymes, do exercise and meditate amidst nature. They eagerly wait for Friday and the new story that comes up.
  7.  Teacher -Children ratio: First five years are one of the most important years of the life, Where 90% of our brain cells develop in these years. This spectrum of The Beamish International Preschool, Chinchwad is giving the attention to the child individually and giving the right environment to nurture them, at our preschool the Teacher: Children ratio is 1:10 where we make sure that every child is attended well and the teacher can give equal attention on every child hence enhancing the growth of the child.
  8. CCTV Monitoring: Child Safety tops our priority list. The CCTV’s are installed in the school premises to monitor the happenings in the school.
  9. Respect the Child Image: There are various images that the child carries when he grows up. It is important that we as adults should respect that image and honour their creativity. This spectrum of The Beamish International Preschool, Chinchwad is all about respecting the image of child & treating them as adults. This is one of the paradigm shift we all are trying to make in all our parents.
  10. Hygiene & Cleanliness: Hygiene & Cleanliness goes hand in hand, this spectrum of The Beamish International Preschool, Chinchwad focuses on how clean, hygienic and in a sanitized environment of children stay in. There is daily morning ritual of sanitizing their hands at welcome. We make sure the classes and washrooms are cleaned 4times in a day to maintain hygiene and sanitization in the premises. We have installed essential oil based- nontoxic and non- alcoholic and chemical free room fresheners which keep our environment germ and virus free.

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