Everyday evening, me and Jui share our interesting experiences and exchanges we have with people. With Jui, past couple of days have been about enquiries from parents about admissions at Beamish. While there are parents, who are disappointed with their current schools and are looking to shift to Beamish, there are some existing parents from Beamish who want to exit.

While trying to understand the dilemma these parents are facing, we realized that parents never find support to understand the process of education. As a new age, educated parent, one aspires for the best education for their children. They strongly believe that education is a foundation for a dignified and bright future of the child. However, the challenge is how do we define what is ‘best’ education?

In most cases, the choice of educational institute or curriculum is a process influenced by peers, while for some, it’s a status issue. Some parents look for amenities and infrastructure and even technological support, while some are impressed by the International Curriculum of these pre-schools.

I would cite a different example to understand the context. We all would agree that there is a difference between food we eat at hotels and what we at home. The hotelier would ensure that you would sit in a best ambience and have tastier food and would also offer you a prestige of eating at his brand outlet. But would it take into consideration, your choices, your ability to eat and digest, like our family does? Would they be conscious about nutritious value of the meal? Would the meal have traditional validation of being healthy and most suitable in the region and for the season? ……….I doubt.

I believe, that the education sector today is following a similar approach. There are two distinct breeds of education institutes, one driven by the Educators or Edu-prenuers and the others by investors.

The education market certainly understands the emotions of the new age parents. There are corporate driven schools, who are investing in marketing and branding. They exactly know what would impress an eye of a parent and ensure a perfect packaging of the school. Parents mostly from nuclear families, busy with their careers, then have little option but to rely on the various certifications and recommendations obtained by the schools.

As a large number of parents are driven in the direction of investor led schools, it usually becomes a social norm. But we need to pause, take a deep breath and ask, are we buying a product here? ….No.

Like the homemade food, we need to ensure that the education of the child is made with the best ingredients. It is taught with love and care and it is rooted within our traditions, building our identity and self-confidence.

Educators put their heart & brain in their schools, as their only objective is to add value to our society through the wisdom they innate. It’s more to do with the passion about education & developing the child with innovative training techniques. Like you, they care about having a good foundation for your child.

The first five years are the most important years of childhood. These five years will develop 80% of child’s understanding about the world. Child’s grasping power is at peak and one can learn as many languages in these years.

It is important to understand & know about the global culture and foreign languages through different theme-based activities, but it is equally important for schools to understand and highlight our rich Indian culture. India has a legacy of holistic learning approaches from institutes like SHANTINIKETAN – which is based on the Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy. We need to know our roots & learn from our nature. We need to believe the University of Environment is our third teacher, after our preschool teacher & the parents themselves.

Parents need to rewind and revisit their past. We used to play at play grounds with our friends, socializing, laughing, and crying. We had fights and we learned to overcome our differences and egos on the ground itself. We learned to share and care and took no classroom lessons on it. We did not have gadgets, but we developed our own games. We would agree that the process of learning through environment was more sustainable and enjoyable.

Educators emphasize on bringing clarity of the concepts as well as maintaining the joy of the process. At Beamish, we have introduced Brain Tickle – Board Game & Puzzle. It is an adopted global concept which is contextualized in the Indian context to introduce game based learning sessions. Beamish is a first school in Pimpri Chinchwad to successfully induct a foreign language at early age. These innovative teaching techniques helped our preschool to get awarded in the TOP 5 preschools in Pune. An article featuring our preschool journey – “ Preschool chya Professor” was recently covered in Loksatta

Article Link :  https://bit.ly/2vWbF9j

To conclude, do carefully choose the pre-school of your child. The restaurant might look fancy for first few days, but the home made meal is essential and healthy for growth.