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Best Preschool in Chinchwad

The Beamish International Preschools is the best Preschool in Chinchwad runs the various preschool programs in PCMC consists of Preschools or Playschools like Playgroup, Nursery, K1 & K2, After School Zone program which is the daycare with the best facilities also known as child services with the affordable fees to everyone.  Teacher training Institutes, Jolly Phonics & also the Activity Centre for the age group of 2 years to 12 years.

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The Beamish International Pre-school is the best Preschool in Chinchwad and is awarded with the TOP 5 Preschools in Pune & it’s one of the best preschools in Chinchwad & PCMC. One thing that tops its priority list is SAFETY; The Beamish International Preschool gives utmost importance to SAFETY of the child. Our Preschool has CCTV monitoring, Hygienic Homemade Nutritious Food & Sanitization on regular basis.
Teacher: Student Ratio for Play group and nursery is 1:15 and for Jr. Kg Sr. Kg is 1:20.

The Beamish International Preschools runs various preschool programs in PCMC which consists of Preschools or Playschools like Playgroup, Nursery, K1 & K2, After School Zone program which is the daycare with the best facilities also known as child care services with affordable fees to everyone. We also have Safal Teacher’s training Institute for women who are aspiring to be teachers, Jolly Phonics for age 4 and above & also Activity Centre for the age group of 2 years to 12 years.

Why Kindergarten is the Best Start?

“Children don’t listen to you, they OBSERVE you” & thus creating the most enriching environment for the child at our preschool is our core responsibility.

The Beamish International Pre-school aims to provide holistic development of the child between the age 2years to 5years. As the science says 90% of the brain develops at the age of 5, the core pedagogy of the preschool is to facilitate our child to learn “Beyond Numbers & Alphabet”. We at our preschool have the following USPs:

  1. Combination of Indian and Western philosophies
  2. Shiksha with Sanskar
  3. Facilitating the curiousity of child
  4. Environment as the THIRD teacher
  5. Enquiry based learning

Apart from the above USPs the only major difference which sets us apart are the Founder-directors of the pre-school having a cumulative experience of more than 2+ decades in the field of education, So we are happy to say our pre-school has the best preschool standards because it is run by educators & not by an investors

The areas of development that our education covers are as follows,

Personal, social & emotional development


Knowledge & understanding of the world

Creative & aesthetic development

Mathematical awareness

Physical health


Team Work

Self help skills

Social skills

Physical development

Scientific thinking


We provide a totally balanced environment focusing on the holistic development of the child by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach.

We follow inquiry based learning setup where children explore an idea by questioning. We carefully set up research provocations to encourage children’s natural curiosity. There is a perfect blend of Indian and Western culture that help them to know their roots and stay connected to them and simultaneously help them to become global citizens.

The philosophy of The Beamish International Pre-school is that we consider environment as the third teacher so every class is designed based on the elements of nature like Sun, Tree, Aqua , Flower etc. Here hygiene and safety are of utmost importance and teachers here encourage children’s natural curiosity and act as a facilitator.

The school has a rich indoor & outdoor environment comprising of shantiniketan corner, atelier of sound & light, hopscotch, sensory corners and various open ended resources for the children to explore with complete freedom.

We observe international standards for


Class size

Student teacher ratio

Hygiene and services

Teacher-child-parent interaction

Curriculum & assessment is designed as per differing ages

Quality of indoor & outdoor environment

The Beamish International Pre-school

Best Preschool in Chinchwad


  • To bring out the best in every child, harness his natural intelligence and channelize his skills through self-development, experiential learning and creativity.
  • To enable children to become leaders of tomorrow and responsible citizens.


  • To create an atmosphere that will lead to positive disposition of wonders, curiosity and research.
  • To provide frequent opportunities to create and explore using natural materials and recyclables.
  • To respect image of the child and honor his creativity.
  • To provide exposure to the different cultures and traditions across the globe thereby creating responsible global citizens.
  • To inculcate values like honesty, respect for one another and self-reliability.



The Beamish International Pre-school, Empire Estate, Row House No-09 Chinchwad, Pune – 19

Contact No:

+91- 96 89 021 122 / 96 89 021 144