K1 (4-5 yrs)

Our K1 Program for children between the age group of 4years – 5years also comes from Cambridge University Press. The child’s “terrible three” are officially over and the “Magic Years” of four and five begin. A time when his world will be dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination. Here we design activities that help him to reach various milestones such as language, social, emotional, movement and fine motor skills.

It is the beginning of formal education. Children start writing letters, numbers and get a deeper understanding of vowels. In Beamish we, teach them letters with the help of Jolly Phonics sounds. In the very beginning children can recognize letters as per the sound. Any letter sound is introduced by a multi-sensory method which teaches them the letter formation, the rhyme of the sound, the story of the sound and the action of the sound. Children start blending letters to make a word.
For numeracy and cognitive development Brain Tickle activities are conducted to supplement the regular teaching learning process. It is an interesting activity for brain and hands.

A new way to socialize and an innovative way to learn. Children are introduced to various board games such as dobble, flip fast, spot five, tuggie, colored jenga and many more.

Various other life skills like cooking without gas, sewing and stitching, tying knots etc are introduced to the children. Thus a strong foundation is built in the early years of education process.

The Cambridge Curriculum Kit comprises of
1) Literacy Skill Book
2) Literacy Work Book
3) Numeracy Skill Book
4) Numeracy Work Book
5) Awareness Skill Book
6) Wellness Skill Book
7) Phonics Skill Book
8) Phonics Readers
9) Art & Craft Book
10) Rhymes
11) Parent Handbook
12) Charts
13) Flashcards



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