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Playgroup (2-3yrs)

This stage is characterized by a declaration of “Independence”. Music is a natural outlet for all the energy, child’s fine motor skills steadily get better and more refined at this stage.

The activities are designed in order to broaden their horizon of understanding concepts and simultaneously develop gross & fine motor skills.

Our focus is on abundant outdoor activities relating to nature under the able guidance of teachers from the “University of Environment” (Sun, Earth, Water, Trees) along with an understanding of mathematics and art.

The inculcations of values & traditions (Shiksha with Sanskar) will be an integral part of the program.

Children are curious by nature and learn a lot from environment and people around them. The brain develops very fast during this period. Lot of input should be given during this period, for brain development.  Our uniquely designed curriculum gives ample opportunities to the child to explore the world around him that results in forming several brain connections. Foreign language is a part of our curriculum.

We aim at providing loving, caring, safe and happy environment that will foster the all-round development of the child.

The Playgroup program aims at developing fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, personal, social, emotional skills and language skills. We focus on inculcating habits such as sharing & caring, waiting for their turn, follow certain routine, perform certain tasks independently and so on.
We have trained experienced and loving teachers and support staff that act as a facilitator and enhance their learning experiences.

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The Beamish International Pre-school, Empire Estate, Row House No-09 Chinchwad, Pune – 19

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+91- 96 89 021 122 / 96 89 021 144