Nursery (3-4yrs)

We have Cambridge University Press Curriculum for Nursery Program for children between the age group of 3 years – 4 years. This stage is characterized by animistic thinking. It is a period of an intellectual leap. They learn new skills, start to talk a lot and have high levels of energy, this energy is channelized by giving exposure to a wide range of activities.

This year the developmental milestones differ slightly from that of playgroup class. Children are a little more confident and have a better understanding of the concepts introduced to them. The similar concepts are introduced with a little higher degree of knowledge. Children have a confident command over their vocabulary. They try framing sentences in English.

At Nursery, children come out from their solitary play zone and make friends and enjoy playing in small groups. A lot of focus is on the motor development and language development. They are introduced to various rhymes in French and German. Brain Gym movements and Brain Gym games are an integral part of their learning process.

Recognition of letters; small and capital, recognition of numbers, understanding comparisons and various other concepts like birds, animals, shapes, transport and community helpers are covered in this academic year. Art and craft also goes to the next level like drawing shapes, coloring within the boundaries, paper tearing, crumpling and sticking activities are conducted on regular basis. Children are also given paper scissors for the development of their fine motor skills. Thus preparing them for formal education which begins from Kindergarten

The Cambridge Curriculum Kit comprises of
1) Literacy Skill Book
2) Literacy Work Book
3) Numeracy Skill Book
4) Numeracy Work Book
5) Awareness Skill Book
6) Art & Craft Book
7) Rhymes
8) Parent Handbook
9) Charts
10) Flashcards



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