Are we really connecting? Even though we are all at home!


With all this time together days and weeks and now probably months of lockdown, we could be making
memories but we are struggling to get the basics done right.
With working mothers struggling to cope up with the demands and pressure from the office and at the
same time doing household chores, managing children and other members of the family, it gets us down
to think were we really brought up in such a way that we would find it difficult to deal with such
It makes us realize how parenting was going wrong unknowingly, how unknowingly biased it went. Right
from cooking to keeping check on the groceries to household chores the major responsibility was taken
up by the girl or women in the family.
But now is the time to share that responsibility, to be equally in charge of everything that happens in the
Parents are struggling to get their kids to do their homework they are taking up the role of teacher with
little or no experience in teaching, Juggling their own work, responsibilities and relationships with tons
of distraction. They are trying hard to manage their emotions and mental health while making sure
everyone else is cared for.
Children are missing their classmates, their routine and hence demanding a much more time of yours.
Even they are experiencing all sorts of big emotions like anxiety, stress, loneliness and frustration, which
makes them lose focus very easily.
It’s hard!
You can’t be the perfect parent from the parenting books! There is no such thing like Perfect parent, or
perfect parenting methods. No doubt it will motivate you to become a better parent but meanwhile do
not miss on the fun part during parenting do not miss on building that connection!
You can’t be all the time with your children, you can’t be playing with them constantly, sometimes you
don’t even have that energy anymore, and it’s perfectly OK!
Just be real, Do the way you want it to be, it doesn’t have to be all, it doesn’t have to be balanced. You
just have to enjoy being YOU!
I know we talk a lot about spending time with your children, doing some fun activities with them it’s a
fantastic way to connect, to spend time with your children and not miss on these beautiful moments but
believe me it’s not the only WAY! Do it your way! Sometimes kids do not enjoy it, they have least
interest in doing it, try doing it their way. Involve them in decision making rather just announcing it to
them. Give them roles and responsibilities, let them be in-charge, they love being leaders.
They do not have to be engaged all the time, let them get bored, let them find ways to entertain
themselves, by doing so you will find them coming up with creative ideas. If you’ve been working

through the week, promise them we’ll spend the weekend as the child says ask them to plan out the
weekend. They are learning various new skills unknowingly. Reverse your roles as mother and father,
grandmother and grandfather on a weekend, it will be fun for the child to see this kind of role play.
Believe me they are making memories, memories that will remind them of how beautifully their family
spent their lockdown.