Do you believe that most of the toys have been replaced by Gadgets?
Do you believe that most of the books have been replaced by TV BOX?
Do you feel that children don’t have their food until you show them rhymes on your tablet or mobile?
Do you feel proud as a parent, if your children are tech savvy at a very early age?

I am sure most of the parents say YES for most of the above questions;if it is, then for us its a WORRY factor. With the advent of technology & gadgets, it’s been seen that most of the toddlers are glued to smart phones, tablets & TV boxes thus due to high radiation it leads to have an impact on their eye sight at a very early age

Along with the eye sight the children have a major impact on their health as well such as laziness,obesity, physical fitness, loosing memory power, concentration & the most important is communication which is getting perilous at a very early age.

Do’s & Dont’s for Parents:
1) If possible don’t encourage children to use smart phones for playing games.
2) If it is not possible, make sure you allocate the time for all gadgets (TV, Smartphone’s & Computer)
3) Keep a maximum distance between the TV & the seating arrangement.
4) Don’t encourage the child to watch cartoons where there is lot of movement in the show.
5) Allow them to watch half an hour show where there is slow movement of characters.

I am sure this article will help you to take care of minute observations for betterment of your child. So take the FIRST STEP & act accordingly.
We at The Beamish International Preschool focus more on the Environment Approach which will bring the child close to nature with “ Beyond Numbers & Alphabet ” we ensure that the learning pattern is not only a play way method but also in reduce-recycle- reuse approach.

Keep Beaming & Keep Blooming