Is it essential to have effectively trained Pre-primary teachers?
Hello parents,
Few days ago I had been to a garden for a walk. There I met my very old friend. We spoke on different subjects like weather, politics, elections, mangoes and so on. Then we spoke my favorite subject i:e Pre-primary education, children in Kinder Garden, training of Pre-primary teachers etc.
You know, suddenly she posed a question to me…
Is it essential to have trained teachers for such a small children? Anyone can teach them.
And obviously my answer was YESSSSSSS… OF COURSE… In fact it should be mandatory for all schools to check whether the teachers are properly trained or not.
She said, I understand your concern. But can you explain me, why??????
I said, why not, my pleasure.
See, the age at which the child enters a preschool is very tender. The growth and development that takes place during those days is really fast. Whatever the child learns is from environment, parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives and peers. You know, the research shows that 95% of the brain development happens till age 6. During this period the child is associated with Preschool.
So, don’t you feel that, this is the most important phase of human’s life and the inputs given during this period makes a huge difference? But, the sad part is that, present state of Early Childhood Care & Education has become very commercial. The preschools are mushrooming everywhere. They need teachers who are picked from nearby locality. It has been observed that most of teachers who wish to enter into this field have a certain mindset.

  • I want to work only for few hours.
  • Teaching small children is very easy. What do they understand?
  • My family says, it’s the best job as I can manage my family and my work and so on….
    I told my friend, Isn’t this sad?
    This profession should not be taken lightly as it results in poor and casual level of teaching and learning.
    If we read about numerous philosophers like Maria Monterssori, Fredrick Froebel, Piaget and our Indian philosophers like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, GijubhaiBadheka, TarabaiModak, AnutaiWagh, we will understand the importance of Early Childhood Care and Education.
    There are so many institutes who run courses like Maria Montessori Teacher’s Training, Nursery Teacher’s Training and Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. These courses if taught effectively give fair idea to the aspiring teachers about the teaching practices, developmental milestones, correct assessment of the child, children with special needs etc.
    My earnest request to everyone who wish to enter into this field is to get properly trained from an institute who imparts effective hands on training and always augment their teaching by attending various seminars and workshops.

I also told her that it is for only this reason, we are first in PCMC who run at Beamish Government Recognised and ISO certified SAFAL ECCEd course i:e Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education, Nursery Teacher’s Training Course, Maria Montessori Teacher Training Course. This course is uniquely designed and effectively implemented.
You know, one of our last year student has even started her own school at Rajgurunagar. I always tell my students to equip themselves with complete knowledge about Early Childhood Care and Education and be ready to groom India’s bright future.
Feel blessed to be in this field as we work with gift we have received from God in form of little children.
After hearing this my friend was really convinced about importance of training before entering into this field.