Dear Parents,

Do we need to change the temperament of the society?

Why only working Moms need to send their child to day care, and why a homemaker does not even think of this option?

Have you ever thought why it is so? Is it only the requirement of working moms?

I am sure the views will differ. Working moms keep their child at day care because of unavailability of them at home.

There is one more school of thought; it’s been perceived that homemaker mom’s conscious does not allow them to send the child to day care. She feels that she is not independent, she is not extending financial support to family, she needs to cook and she needs to take care of entire home & the list goes on.Such thought process compels her to keep the child at home and shoulder all the responsibilities alone than sending the child to day care.

When women takes a break from career and go on maternity leave, it becomes very difficult for them to receive the same salary, same designation & to get the same level of work. Therefore women tend to keep postponing their decision to pursue their career.


Best Day Care in Chinchwad

If a good day care is available in their vicinity, why to miss on her career growth opportunities available at the right time and at right age.

Below are the important things child lags on his or her growth journey, if he/she misses the bus of Day Care at an early age.

  1. Currently we see a nuclear family structure in most of the houses. So the child doesn’t socialize. Actually child loves to mingle with the children of his age and also develops social skill, which was possible when there were joint families.
  2. One of the major challenges faced by the parent while feeding food is that, these days most of the children need gadgets to watch rhymes while having food. When the child goes to day care she/he becomes independent & disciplined as table manners and etiquette’s are inculcated and are practiced with the child.
  3. At day care the child is involved in many activities like dancing, singing, exercise, storytelling, art& craft, reading books & learning foreign language. All these activities develop their innate skill, which gradually help them in their day to day life, at school & help them to become global citizens. Also who knows… these activities will act like lifelong passion or even a profession in the years to come.
  4. Last but not the least; when the child comes home from day care, he/she shares all the interesting activities with their parents. This makes the parents happy because they observe holistic development in the child after sending him/her to a day care.

Our observation, research and having interacted with numerous parents, it’s also been seen that very few fathers compromise their career for the child as he feels that it’s only the mother’s responsibility.

The Beamish International Preschool proudly presents “After School Zone – Not Just a Day Care”, as we truly believe After School Zone is not just for taking a nap, having food and play aimlessly but it is one of the biggest drive engines for the toddlers where we ensure a remarkable transformation at a very early age. Which is know as Best Day Care in Chinchwad.

After School Zone is filled with the fun & exciting activities at an early age that are immensely enjoyed by Beamish children. We have designed an age appropriate curriculum followed by regular assessment. We also ensure that every Beamish child gets his/her “Me Time”so that we can observe their interests & accordingly we nurture their talent pool.

The Beamish Team.