There goes a saying in India, one plus one makes eleven and when those two are superwoman, the possibilities are infinite. Just two-year-old, Founders & Directors of The Beamish International Pre-school, set up by educators Sonia Govardhan and Jui Bijapurkar, was chosen among ‘Top 5 Best Preschool’ in Pune region. The award given by SCI Education was handed over at a National Conference at Bengaluru on 3rd of February, 2018.

Entrepreneurship is a tough terrain and not everyone’s cup of tea. Along with consistent efforts, creativity, experience, and passion, it requires a bold and restless heart, which refuses to settle for mediocracies of life.

Sonia and Jui, both having immense experience of over two decades in the field of education, founded The Beamish International Pre-school at Chinchwad, Pune in 2016. “You have pre-schools mushrooming across the cities with little or no background in pedagogy or child care. As professionals, it was disheartening and we wanted to set things right as well as add value to the sector,” says Sonia, explaining their objective of setting up The Beamish International Pre School.

Before bringing the preschool into shape, the duo researched existing models, curriculums, local context, and needs. “We felt that INDIANESS factor was missing in the preschool curriculums and most of them were blindly following western systems. Thus, we developed and introduced traditional education system “SHANTINIKETAN” along with the blend of Indo -Western curriculum in our preschool.”

What good is entrepreneurship without challenges and the duo faced it with a brave heart. “Actually, challenges kept us going. Setting up of a school infrastructure, developing admin systems and then drawing up unique learning methods all together was a juggle,” adds Sonia.

“We started with limited capital and income wasn’t fancy. But it was never our motivation. We were drawing satisfaction from the creative ideas we were managing to implement,” said Jui. “Soon, the recognition started coming in the form of compliments from parents. They could sense a culture being developed among their children, which was more valuable than letters and numbers a child could learn,” Jui added.

And now the award was a cherry on a cake. “This recognition would not have been possible without our teachers and support staff (maushis). They brought our ideas and values in practice. We would not have achieved a lot without support and trust of our families,” expresses the overwhelmed duo.

While this award is for the children and their bright future, there are many more to come.

The Beamish International Pre-school is currently running various programs in the campus which are After School Zone (Not just a daycare), Jolly Phonics, Activity Centre, Abacus, Painting & Dance.  Feel free to log in on or call back for any assistance on 9689021122/44.