I am sure the line made you think for a moment & you must be curious to know what is it all about. Let me take you through the journey of human life I am sure this is not any rocket science & everybody went through the same process.

Birth – Early childhood – School days – College days – Professional Life – Retirement – Old age – Death

Every person who is born walks through his life in a similar manner, I just want to make you think and want to shift your focus from rest of your days’ life to only “Early childhood” days.

Yes, my dear friends I am really not kidding these are the only years where we actually develop our traits & learn rather grab all the learning tools & set a mode to take leap for ourselves. “The first 2000 days” are the only days where we turnaround our life & develop the most important brain connections.

Don’t be amazed when a small child easily speaks the way we are speaking, the way they use the gadgets, sing songs & do a number of things in this phase. For me reality shows are the best examples of it, this little kids are so amazing when they dance on the floor or sing a song & we wonder how can these kids remember the step or even the lyrics. Don’t be surprised with it it’s not the rocket science it is very much natural, only parents have to know when they have to nurture their kids otherwise I am sure they will miss the bus.

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So keep reading & keep heading.


The Beamish Team